The Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship, in partnership with DREAM, organized a “Social Entrepreneurship Lunch” on December 21st in Tunis. We met with young social entrepreneurs from different regions and we extensively discussed the status of their initiatives. A Ph.D. student from IHEC starting a thesis about social business in Tunisia  also attended. We were very impressed by the understanding the entrepreneurs showed of the context, the limits and the potential of their projects: another proof to support that solutions have to come from locals for locals.
Every entrepreneur introduced his idea and the social issue he is trying to solve. We also discussed the obstacles they are facing to achieve their vision and their goals. Funds and lack of network are ones of the most common. Interestingly, two entrepreneurs highlighted how the word “social” has “turned off” some of the investors and incubators they have met. More education about the sector is definitely required.
As a center, we will have to focus on connecting these young energies with appropriate partners, donors and investors: our main measure of a success remains the number of young and impactful social enterprises in Tunisia!


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