Social entrepreneurship is gaining increasing momentum and interest all around the world. Social models are switching from charity-based organizations to revenue-generating and sustainable structures. Moreover, funders are investing in social for-profit companies in emerging markets to generate positive impact in sectors like education, health and access to finance.  While success stories exist throughout the world and social entrepreneurs networks are being developed in the Arab region, social entrepreneurship and impact investing are still not developed in Tunisia, staying far below the potential, the needs and the opportunities of the country.

The Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship is the first big step towards unlocking social entrepreneurship in Tunisia, with four major areas of focus:

  • Educating about social needs and innovations/ promoting social entrepreneurship;
  • Identifying and incubating social innovation in Tunisia;
  • Advocating for a better legislation to encourage such initiatives;
  • Strengthen exposure to international social entrepreneurship networks, funds and investors.

We look forward to your participation, your support and your social business ideas!

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  1. Hello,

    This is a great initiative… Social Entrpreneurship and Social innovation are definitely hot topics and a vital need for Tunisia, especially in the rebuilding phase after the revolution.

    I would be very interested in knowing more about your initiatives and development perspectives. I am myself confronted daily to these topics and the topic of innovation in general in my job at the Hub Brussels.

    Bonne chance,

  2. mnassar hichem says:


    je suis très heureux de constater que de tel initiative existe en tunisie, je suis membre d’une association à mahdia en tunisie et je suis très intéressé par le le sujet .Comment peut-on collaborer et faire connaitre l’innovation sociale dans notre pays?

    bravo encore pour votre initiative!!

  3. Soumendra Kumar Dash, PhD says:

    This is indeed a wonderful initiative to spread social entrepreneurship in Tunisia. This is the great method and effective way to address the growing problem of youth unemployment in Tunisia. Tunisia is facing a big challenge in engaging young and educated graduates in the country. Social entrepreneurship is a boon and it will help significantly in addressing this issue. Please let me know how could I collaborate with your this grand initiative.
    Thank you very much.

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