“Impact investing is a strategy whereby investments proactively seek to create positive social or environmental impact beyond financial return”. Increasingly, investors are investing in social for-profit companies in emerging markets to generate positive impact in sectors such as education, health and access to finance.
Over 100 dedicated funds have committed over $3 billion in assets to these goals. In fact, estimates by the Monitor Group and the Money for Good Initiative suggests that impact investing could mobilize $500 billion annually within 10 years, $120 billion  impact investing could mobilize $500 billion annually within 10 years, $120 billion from U.S. retail investors alone. Investable companies and committed funds are growing quickly in emerging markets, primarily India and East Africa… What about Tunisia?

Through promoting social businesses, our center is also aiming at developing impact investing opportunities and partnerships in the region.

Please also see What is Impact Investing


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  1. aleyesopen says:

    Hi there, I’m excited to stumble across this. When did you guys start? When will you begin your programs? Would be good to collaborate. I am starting the Maghreb Enterprise Development Initiative at the Mediterranean School of Business (MSB). We have to ensure our programs are complimentary!


    • Hatem says:

      This is great Alia! What is your initiative about? We started few months ago and we would be happy to meet!

      • aleyesopen says:

        Hi Hatem,

        We envision MEDI to be a think tank, center for research and overall hub for entrepreneurship in Tunisia. We hope to complement existing initiatives by providing strategic research on the entrepreneurial ecosystem here, thereby facilitating the growth of new businesses (social or not). We are in early preparation/research stages. I have a passion for social entrepreneurship and have been fascinated by impact investing. I’m happy to see this kind of movement in Tunisia. Are you currently in Tunis? Feel free to email me: alia.mahmoud@msb-online.org


  2. Zoubeir Achour says:

    I like that you guys are aiming high and I’d like to get involved in any way I could.

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